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A strange Event -Sequel to “My spinster colleague”

He got quite excited when I had put on some sexy undies." So she had specially changed as I had imagined, but could not carry things through. "What did he do?" "Never mind, but as you are in his lap why not try and see if he will be your uncle for the moment." 
No sooner was that said than my hand was grabbed and unceremoniously slid under my burden's dress. "Tickle me, you naughty boy" My feelings were ambivalent. This could develop into something interesting, but they were not exactly young. Mary had previously become shy, having initially provoked me. Still, in for a penny in for a pound. 
I began to stroke her knee and then slide my fingers ever higher up her thigh concentrating at first on the outside to see her reaction. "Don't be shy, young man. Move around a bit". She was actively encouraging me. Perhaps there was safety in numbers. The other two were watching intently. As I moved my probing fingers to the inside of her thighs, she visibly flinched, but then relaxed with a faint smile on her face. 
I moved onto the front of her knickers and found her mound. As I moved up her crack, she began to breath heavily. I pursued rubbing at the top and could feel a firm little bud. She tensed and I thought that I would try and give her a real thrill. My audience had realised that I was on the right track from her reactions. I moved back to the top of her thigh and slid my fingers under the elastic. Advancing beyond the hairs, I found her moist area and the bud again. Now with no barrier between my exploring fingers and her clit, I began to gently caress her, and as she gripped my arm I extended a finger to find her hole. She was so moist that it slipped in easily. I rotated the finger until it was rubbing on the front of her vagina and I found her G-spot almost immediately. She began to convulse and shrieked. "Oh, God, I have never felt like this before. Don't stop, don't stop." So I continued to stimulate her and she orgasmed for some two minutes before fainting.
 My companions were rather taken aback at this reaction at first, but then Mary said " If you can do that to her, perhaps you could do it to us too. She obviously liked it." My first subject started to come round, "My uncle never did that to me so well. I wish he had, but it would not have been right then. You lovely naughty boy. How can we reward you?" 
"Never mind his reward. We have not had any fun yet apart from watching these goings on. Mary, you had tempted him before. You go next. Are you wearing your silkies?" "Yes. I will take off my skirt first though. I want to relive the first occasion, although I would have preferred it to have been in private. I do not know whether I will react as she did. Go on young man, do your stuff."
 I wriggled out from under my well satisfied customer and moved over to Mary. Her eyes were on my tumescence as I approached and reached out and took it in her hand. "Rub your thing against my tits. Oh, what have I said?..." I complied, but not wanting to prolong the exercise knowing that there was a third excited woman, I reached for her silky panties and stroked her bottom as on the first occasion. Again as before , I stroked her slit from behind. My progress was being watched keenly by the other two. I noticed that the third one had one hand rubbing her breasts and the other one up her dress Mary jumped as I found her excited mound which was already damp through the silk She clung to me as I sat beside her. I felt that she would not want to be exposed so I slid my hand round to the front and down inside her panties. She shuddered as I found her stiff clit. "Oh, this is good. Why have I missed out on this all my life?" Like a short time earlier I moved a finger up into her vagina. This elicited a squirming action from Mary. She was helping me find her trigger spot unwittingly. She was really wet and I wriggled my finger until I was sure I had hit it because she arched her back and moaned loudly. "Keep going, keep going, don't stop." She thrashed around so much that I could hardly keep my finger in her. Like the first one, she collapsed and I knew that I had a second satisfied client.
 "My turn now". I was grabbed and almost torn from Mary's side. " Give me this feeling too. It must be good from what I have seen and heard." I thought that I would try something else on the third one as she had obviously stimulated herself already. I reached up under her dress and hooked my fingers under the top of her knickers and pulled downwards. This had the effect of tipping her backwards and parting her knees. She was exposed to all eyes. I proceeded to finger her nether regions. She gripped my hands and moved them over her moist lips in a lustful manner. "Come on, give me a thrill." I managed to gain control of one hand and inserted my index finger, rotating it as before. I was successful in quickly finding her G-spot and in no time she was screaming blue murder. After humping my finger a few times, she spasmed and rolled sideways unconscious. I was alarmed at first but she came round almost immediately with a smile on her face. " That was bloody marvellous. How can we reward you, you lovely, naughty boy?"
"He is still obviously excited". I found myself pushed to the floor and hands were everywhere, stroking my every part but especially my genitals. "Have either of you ever had this opportunity before ?" asked Mary. "No", they both answered, "but we had always wondered what it might be like to have control over a naked man." They decided to take it in turns to hold my now rigid member and fondle my movable bits. " I believe that we should move our hands up and down to stimulate him", said Mary. So saying, she did just that, fisting me. I had had such a stimulating time for the last half hour or so that my orgasm came very quickly before the others got their turn. Mary was in the firing line and was taken by surprise by the first spurt, in spite of my groan which might have warned her. This hit her full in the face as she was bending over me. "Eeuughhh!" She immediately stopped stroking and let go of me. This had the effect of flicking the next spurts onto the arms of both of the others who were "practising their juggling", as they had said. " He is a messy boy." "Well, girls, we asked for this I suppose" "Did you like that? You looked as though you did, you naughty boy" 
I lay there dazed. "We had better wipe him clean after we have wiped ourselves." "Better still we will give him a bath. We can get really friendly then." I found myself lifted up and led to the bathroom where the bath was being prepared. " He needs a good soaping all over." "It is my turn to take care of his naughty bits. He has gone limp but I will soon change that." I felt the soap being moved far from gently over my genitals. I was grasped and, slippery though I now was, my handler pulled down on my member, retracting my foreskin. " Look, he has a red knob." She began to examine me and this had the effect of my beginning to stiffen again. "He likes this." I expanded and, "It's turning purple now" Continued manipulation soon had me hard again. "I wonder if he will spurt again. We had better wash him first, though." 
Willing hands attacked my body with vigour. "He is hairy, isn't he? Look at the lather on his chest" " Never mind there. I will have my turn and wash his thing and between his legs." I was none too gently handled " Now we can dry him and have some more fun" I submitted to being taken from the bath and dried all over with special attention being given to my now very stiff organ and appendages. " Bring him into the living room."
 "Lay him down on the rug." "It is my turn to handle him. I want to see him spurt at close quarters but you had better warn us this time, young man." I was taken in hand by fingers surrounding me from the end and rubbed up and down. "Don't do it like that. We can't see what is happening. Hold him with your fist" The process continued. "When is he going to spurt?" "He will take much longer this time." "How do you know?" "I just do.... but look at his legs they are stiffening too. I think he is going to shoot." I groaned and grimaced as the hand moved up and down faster. With a louder groan, I climaxed to shouts of glee from the three women. "Look at all that stuff. We will have to wipe him this time. One bath is quite enough." My belly and chest were cleaned with liberal portions of loo paper. " Isn't it slimy yet sticky? " "Didn't you know that?" "I think that you must have been pretending to be innocent. I think that you have been a naughty girl in the past." " I have had my moments, but I was shy and did not want you to think that I knew anything". " Anyway we have all learnt something today" " What a time we have had. Get your clothes on now, you nice and naughty man. You have made us all very happy." 
I did not quite know how to handle the situation but it was taken out of my hands by "We will all help him dress. Get his clothes, Mary" " It seems a shame to hide his charms but I will put on his pants." My clothes were brought and needless to say I was redressed leaving me exposed for as long as possible by starting with my socks, followed by my shirt before my pants which were put on in a very intimate fashion with much fitting and readjusting. My trousers were equally treated to much needless fitting and adjusting and a general sigh was heard when my zip was closed, or was that my imagination? 
"It is getting quite late, perhaps you would like to go home now? Thank you for giving us such a show. You have been a good lad. We older ones do not get much fun. Maybe you would join us again?" What could I say? I staggered from the bungalow bemused by the events of the day. My trepidation had been fulfilled but it had been a not totally unpleasant experience. Anyway, three old ladies had had a thrill judging from their reactions. Perhaps I could think of it as my good deed for the day. Would there be another call to duty?